work must be safety

work on ships specially on anchor handling tug supply is height risk and full challenge if  you work bite of neglect your life or your partner maybe  lose    or fatal injury so before work due to safety briefing for handling cargo or anchor jobs, the first time each crew on deck must be full ppe (personal protection equipment)cover all,  safety shoes,hand glove,helmet,safety glass,bosun’s knife,radio portable for communication (between deck and bridge or between deck with crane operator platform,barge or rig if  activity loading or unloading) and work vest this standard when crew starting job on deck if crew forget to use it officer duty in bridge call him and order to soon wear it because very danger,very important. after safety briefing and check crew full ppe   crew can to start to working and captain is responsible for activity. my slogan we are depart by passenger and come back still passenger don’t by baggage remember that your family waiting

full alert work on deck

anchor job's

you at home.

by capt. luthfie master of AHTS.ABIGAIL SUNRISECombination Signs for safety

scedule duty in PHE Field java sea ,12 days on 12 days off

we are seapup crew is very happy with [PHE] pertamina hulu energy scedule on location PHE Field java sea, cause before all crew fatigue and tired, new crew for reliever is coming so this very great for jobs on offshore With SCHEDULE 12 DAYS ON 12 DAYS OFF, and right now my family never complain again for my job’s, I’m personally say thank a lot and i hope i can work maximal with mv.seapup under company pt.swadaya sarana berlian and PT.PHE BY company chartered by capt.luthfie

ANCHOR JOB FOR inspeksi mooring equipment di kei field by capt.luthfie

untuk make sure mooring equipment dalam kondisi masih layak pakai harus kita mengechecknya, kegiatan ini sebelum  kegiatan mooring kapal tanker. pertama kita untuk cheking menggunakan kapal AHTS.Abigail Sunrise dengan mendekati buoy dengan buritan kapal lalu ABK yang di kepalai BOSUN dengan semua perlengkapan di main deck,Bosun memberi aba2 ke captain untuk maneuver mengeset bouy agar benar benar dapat di angkat, sebelum pengangkatan main buoy kita lemparkan hook yang di ikat dengan tali ke arah tali guide yang diikatkan antara main buoy dengan gerigen buoy, setelah dapat kita hibob dengan capstan sampai main buoy di main deck kemudian di connect dgn work wire yang di hubungkan dengan drum machine untk hasil lebih jelas kita lihat dalam gambar berikut.picture chain-inspection